GIFs Photo Booth

What could be better than having amusing photos from your next gathering? What about a GIFs photo booth where you can see your photos come to life?

GIFs have taken over the internet!

We generate GIFs that are instantaneously shareable using unique technology, allowing your party attendees to post them to their favorite social networking sites in real-time.

Our self-service, compact GIF booth is designed in the shape of a boomerang. We’ll send it to you with simple setup instructions and pre-paid return postage.

Simply switch it on and connect to Wi-Fi, and you’re ready to start GIFing with your buddies!

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GIFs Photo Booth

GIF Photo Booths are so in trend right now!

Our GIF booth rentals are the most innovative photo booth addition available.

Why? The bulk of photo booth rental businesses are just not up to date with the latest technologies. Your guests will have no idea that they can produce fantastic GIFs in addition to obtaining amazing photos thanks to our world-class software.

GIFs may be cheeky, hilarious, serious, and everything in between. When presented with a camera and three opportunities to move around, see how your party guests ham it up or turn it on. We’ll combine their photos into a moving GIF that looks like a movie of all the fun they’re having at your party. What could be better than that?

Yes, if you’re looking for a GIF animated photo booth in Atlanta, look no further. We’re here to serve! Holiday parties, brand activations, birthdays, festivals, and weddings are all possibilities.

A GIF booth allows your visitors to use their creativity to make their video memory of your event by posing in unique postures. The possibilities are infinite! Move from one side of the screen to the other, construct a dance…

GIFs Photo Booth

Make Waves on Social

Clients in the corporate and humanitarian sectors adore working with us to generate shareable GIFs. Consider the branding opportunities when your guests find they can generate their GIFs in our photo booth rental section. Our experts will assist with getting the setting exactly perfect, as well as allowing guests to download copies of the GIFs for their use.

You have the potential to get some web-based leverage as soon as people start posting GIFs to their social media accounts – excellent for firms seeking a unique marketing plan. For an extra boost, encourage participants to use hashtags and connect to your brand’s social media pages. Nothing says “fun” like photos of people having a good time at an event you organized!

GIF photo booth rentals are a great way to up the ante on the fun at sporting events, conferences, and trade fairs, as well as transform your gathering into a memorable occasion.

Take your branding to a whole new level of awesome by combining a GIF Photo booth with bespoke filters.

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