Green Screen Photo Booth-For your Perfect Event

 Hollywood technology comes to your next event with the Green Screen Photo Booth! Guests may be superimposed on an infinite number of settings, moving them throughout the planet or into the universe.

Whether you use our service kiosk-style or hire a photographer, your guests will be able to choose from a variety of background selections for their shots. You choose the background and it may be modified to match the theme of your event.

They can get a digital copy as well as a printed one once the photo is taken.


Green Screen Photo Booth-For your perfect Events

How does the Green Screen Photo Booth work?

Depending on the sort of composition you’re attempting to create, the CarpeDiem Green Screen Photo Booth experience can be presented in two ways. It’s better to use our photographer approach if you want greater freedom with individual positioning inside a scene. This will enable them to modify and put individuals in particular areas on a background in real-time. Our picture kiosk design is the other and more popular alternative. This is an easy-to-use option as well.

Step 1

Guests stand in front of our Green Screen background, opposite the picture kiosk. They may examine the many backdrop selections on the kiosk screen and select one to be overlaid upon.

Step 2

After they’ve chosen their choice, our operator will begin counting down as the visitors pose for their shot.

Step 3

Once the photo is taken, it is quickly altered and made available to the guests on the kiosk screen. If the photo is accepted, our operator will have it printed and can also send visitors a digital copy of the photo to their phones.

How to customize the Green Screen Photo Booth?

Many elements of our Green Screen Photo Booth may be customized, including:

  • Branded Overlay/Frame

You may use your logo or design a customized frame for the image.

  • Personalized Messages

We may customize the message that comes with the digitally transmitted version of the Green Screen.

  • Vinyl Wrap

Completely brand the Green Screen Photo Booth kiosk’s façade with bespoke vinyl covering.

  • Custom Backgrounds

Guests may choose from a variety of backdrops to superimpose themselves onto. You may design one-of-a-kind event backdrops or digital step-and-repeats!

  • Custom Animations

Make unique animations to help customers navigate through their Green Screen Photo Booth experience. This may be a bespoke start screen with your logo or a sequence of completely on-brand animations.

Green Screen Photo Booth-For your Perfect Events

Technical Specifications

The Green Screen requires:

  • An 8′ by 8′ area with an 8′ clearance is available.
  • Power: Two 3-hole outlets with at least 10 amps are available.
  • Table: A table with a high top and linens.

If you’re unsure about the background, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You may select from a million different alternatives in a green screen picture booth. It’s the ideal photo booth if you’re stumped on a background that doesn’t fit your party’s theme. Simply choose a prop and create a pose, then take pictures against your backdrop.

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