Selfie/Ring-Light Photo Booth—Make your event Memorable

Our stylish and classy Selfie/Ring-Light Photo Booth are instantly identifiable and always deliver the ring light that we’re known for! With our readily adjustable templates, we’ll help you produce the perfect sharable photo for your event. The following items are included in every Ring Light Photo Booth rental:

  • Standalone Ring light kiosk
  • Logo customization
  • Real-time texting
  • Social sharing
  • Microsite
  • Online gallery
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Digital props
  • Still, Animated gifs, and Boomerangs


Selfie/Ring-Light Photo Booth---Make your event Memorable

Gifs and Boomerangs

For your guest, we can produce entertaining and shareable material like animated overlays to give movement to your photographs!

Logo Customization

To guarantee that your event is branded, each rental includes logo customization as an overlay on every image.

Live Texting

Guests may quickly text themselves about their experiences! Guests may also discover all of their photos and videos were taken during the event using our new facial recognition software.


Guests may text their photos to themselves after taking them, and they’ll be sent to an immersive microsite that continues the event’s branding. The website is designed to encourage visitors to share on social media directly from their phones.

Real-time Analytics

To quantify the success of your event, total sessions, photo views, impressions, reach, chronology, comparisons to video, photos/gifs, and data capture are accessible!

Book with Confidence

Your retainer follows you around! You can now alter your event date without incurring a modification charge for up to 18 months after your initial date, providing you the flexibility to adjust to unforeseen events.

Selfie/Ring-Light Photo Booth---Make your event MemorableSelfie/Ring-Light Photo Booth---Make your event MemorableYou’ll get the sensation of being a star. For bridal showers and bachelorette parties, a Ring-light Photo booth is a perfect option. Women enjoy seeing themselves in the spotlight and now is your opportunity. The Ring-Light Photo booth comes with a Ring-Light that is linked to your camera and brightens any mood. Get into the frame with a backdrop that suits your theme. The photo booth takes 8′-8′ of floor space and may be placed anywhere.

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